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The support material for this module is also available as a print-friendly PDF split into 3 parts for easier download - about 10MB to each part: Part1, Part2, Part3 - these open in a new window. Individual experiences are also available as PDFs from the appropriate web pages. Once downloaded you may make as many copies as you wish for educational purposes.
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Education: Evacuation - Key Stage 2

This Evacuation module is designed to help Key Stage 2 pupils find out what it was like for children experiencing evacuation during the Second World War

These pages and the associated download PDFs are intended to provide support materials and back-up for a teacher’s programme of work. The materials are also designed to extend and consolidate speaking, thinking and reading skills. The activity sheets can be used for individual use or group work.

These materials are not intended as a core teaching programme. Other activities could be based around these evacuees such as drama, role-play, artwork, and models.

The materials are cross-curricular. Particular effort has been made to enhance and extend literacy and thinking skills through the subject matter of evacuation.

Teachers should go to the Introduction for Teachers which provides further information on The Second World War Experience Centre and use of these materials.

Pupils may proceed directly to Evacuation: an Introduction

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